from by Silenus



The scales of justice / have failed us for the last time / to many lives have been lost, by the ones who swore to protect us

The clock it ticks
As you wait for punishment
For your selfish deeds
Ignoring their cries and pleas
Clasped hands chained tight praying in the name of the law
Your vile deeds has left you behind the eight-ball

Call for hardship
Against unserviced claims
Caustic future
You will know my pain

Then you plea your case, walk away a free man, while i the victim, will suffer for a lifespan,

I will not stand for a moment of silence when the world is ridden with tyrants

Face to face as the steel blade penetrates. Taking from you. What you took from me

A life for a life.
This will bring me peace
Ridding you from this world. Left to bleed in the street


from Victimizer [Single], released January 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Silenus New York

Born Into Caskets

John - Vocals
David- Guitar
Josh- Rhythm Guitar
Malaici- Bass
Ben- Drums

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